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InvestTech Platform for Private Equity and InsurTech Startups

Initially developed as the solution to help innovative tech startups to fundraise and investors allocate capital, the InvestTech Platform is of significant potential to satisfy the business goals of actors within the insurance industry, namely InsurTech startups, InsurTech-focused investors (both individual and institutional) and large insurance corporations. 

Platform Types of Users

InsurTech Startups

  • Access to a fundraising platform with an extensive network of investors

  • Obtaining the industry knowledge and expertise to improve business processes

  • Standing assistance during fundraising campaign

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Insurance Corporations

  • Partnerships opportunities with InsurTech startups 

  • Option to become the lead investor in investment deals 

  • Nurturing InsurTech startups able to contribute to corporation’s business

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InsurTech Focused Investors 

  • Placing the investment deals on the platform 

  • Access to the network of co-investors to lead investment rounds

  • Multiple options for deal structuring

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Want get more about InvestTech Platform?

Visit website for more details
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