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InsurTech Industry Big Data Analytical System and Dashboard

InsurTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard is a sophisticated, cutting-edge tool providing its user with computational risk assessment, general risk management, and multiple de-risking practices. This solution involves the best practices of DKG for the creation of Big Data Analytical Systems and Dashboards. 
Industry Segments 
Data Points

InsurTech Industry Analytical Framework 

InsurTech Industry Analytical Framework provides a robust and systematic approach to assessing the InsurTech industry, helping stakeholders to better understand the current state of the industry and identify potential opportunities for growth and innovation

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Analytical Tools of InsurTech Industry Big Data Analytical
System and Dashboard 

Automated SWOT Analysis

Automated quantifiable AI-driven SWOT Analysis is an analytical tool available for each company in the database of InsurTech Big Data Analytics Dashboards. This tool provides the aggregated scoring of companies based on the primary and alternative data and validated with AI engine. 

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Matching Tool for Partners Identification 

The matching tool is able to identify the partner organizations out from the large set of entities based on input data parameters. AI engine embedded into the tool allows identifying the companies that can fit the various needs of the client in multiple areas: product distribution and improvement, marketing, etc.

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Region-focused Market Intelligence

Dashboard aims to serve as a first-of-its-kind resource for knowledge-based, validated partnering insights covering the InsurTech Industry. The data behind the dashboard has global coverage.

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Analytical Tools for M&A Deals

Deep Knowledge Group understands the strategic importance of M&A in the business operations of large insurance companies. Hence, the Big Data Analytical System and Dashboard meets several needs of the M&A process: M&A market analytics, evaluation tools, and intellectual property analysis.

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