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Longevity InsurTech Industry
Overview 2023

While the majority of practical outcomes in healthy Longevity will be driven by precision health technologies, they will also require an assembly of other, nonbiomedical components, including traditional financial products and services such as Longevity Insurance and InsurTech.   

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Regional Distribution of InsurTech Companies

InsurTech Companies Distribution by Segments

Longevity Insurance covers the wide range of products and services associated with the risks of ageing population.  Life insurance companies have relatively flat exposure to Longevity risk, with annuity portfolios offsetting insurance policies. Hence, the market has overall negative exposure to Longevity improvements.


Reinsurers neither have the capacity, nor are willing to accept such a large risk. Capital markets, with their depth, capacity and experience in risk hedging, have the potential to hedge Longevity risk effectively.

Longevity risk is explicitly incorporated on a portfolio level of a life insurance company issuing participating contracts and being subject to default risk. 

This report shares the analysis of the Life and Health InsurTech market and outlines trends in products, plans, and prices from 2014 to 2023.

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